About Maverick Systems


We are a small team of technical professionals who help make technology support your company. We have extensive experience in business computer systems, networking, applications and development. Maverick Systems' professionals can assist your company in making more proficient use of existing systems or work with you to determine new requirements.

We provide complete business systems support for our customers. We can become your MIS staff by providing services from Requirements Analysis and Acquisitions to all types of system support. We provide systems integration, network installation and support, application development, and Internet connectivity and Internet presence services including web site development and domain, web, mail and ftp server hosting.



Bluefinity Adds Silverlight Support

Software Developer Bluefinity International has released support for Microsoft's Silverlight technology enabling rapid application development of rich internet-based applications (RIA) utilizing Multivalue (Pick) databases.  Maverick Systems leverages of Bluefinity's technologies to develop modern, dynamic, browser based applications that utilize multivalue databases.

Read more about this technology at Bluefinity's website: www.bluefinity.com/v4/silverlight_enable_multivalue.html.

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